Monday, July 28, 2014


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Psychic Elizabeth

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tarot Readings with Elizabeth

My Tarot Readings are compassionate and truthful. When you have a Reading with me, Higher Wisdom and Guidance is what comes through for you. You will get the answers to all of your questions.

You will find out how the "special someone" in your life really feels about you, what their intention is, what's motivating them, what's blocking them, and if the situation will work out. You will also learn how to help them move forward, if they're stuck. Relationship challenges are always learning opportunities.

Are you on the right Path? You will find out what the Universe wants you to be doing with your life and the gifts you've been given, what you were born to do, and what you agreed to accomplish in this lifetime before you were even born. When our Life Path is not in harmony with our True Purpose, we suffer. 

Are you in the right career? You will find out what your True Vocation is, which might be different from the job you're doing right now.

Would you like to know more about your Past Lives, or what Past Life issues you agreed to work on in this Life (Karma)? Do you want to know if an important Present-life situation is Karmic and what you're intended to learn from it?

If you're ready to have a Tarot Reading with me, you just need to send me a message in the contact box to let me know that you'd like a Reading and when and where you'd like to have it - Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, or Facebook. Afternoons (Pacific Time) work best for me. If I'm away or busy, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You'll need to process your payment with the secure Paypal button on this page before we can have our Reading. If you'd like an Email Reading, be sure to send me your Questions (5 max) in the contact box. 

I'm looking forward to reading for you! 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Astrology Readings with Elizabeth

Have you ever wondered how the planets and stars could reveal details about your life; your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and liabilities, your Karma, your Soul's Agenda, your career, even the purpose for your being born into the circumstances that you were? Sounds like a sci-fi movie until you've read your Astrology chart.

People wonder why they have mid-life crises but they wouldn't wonder if they knew about 2nd Saturn returns, Uranus Oppositions, or Pluto Squares.

An Astrology Reading begins with the natal chart. Then other charts can be cast to determine the best timing of planned events, to provide a heads-up for unplanned events, and to analyse your important relationships.  

I do not use a software program to calculate charts. That means the process takes a little longer but you'll get a deeply personal analysis. I use the Sidereal Zodiac exclusively so that the planets and signs match up correctly to where you would see them in the sky. If you don't know what the Sidereal Zodiac is, please check out What is the Sidereal Zodiac.

Got questions?  Just send me a message in the contact box.


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Distant Reiki Healing with Elizabeth

Reiki is a lovely healing energy that is just as effective over distance as it is in person. Some people don't feel anything but others see symbols and beautiful colors. It doesn't matter if you feel the Reiki or not, it's working just the same. 

Doing your own daily Reiki practice is an excellent way to raise your consciousness. 

If you would like to know what Reiki is, please read Is Learning Reiki for You

I received my Reiki Master Attunement in 2001. 

Elizabeth Richards

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Is Learning to Read the Runes for You?

Why study the Runes? The Runes are imbued with magical power. Odhinn won them only after He had forfeited an eye, speared himself, and hung upside-down on the world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights.

The Runes offer us the opportunity to look outside the box and to find a fresh paradigm. They offer us a new way to look at Life, Death, the Underworld, the Afterlife, Enlightenment, and the opportunity to to live a life of moral courage, like the Vikings who used them before us.

We need to take back our individualism and step away from the mass media programming on television, radio, and the internet. The Runes are a link to other dimensions of being and to our Ancestors who have generations of experience and accumulated wisdom that they will share with seekers who earn their trust.

Odhinn and the Runes are not aligned with the Greeks or the Romans, neither with their culture nor their gods. This is important for us to know in the Western world because all of our philosophy and even our religious beliefs are heavily influenced by Greek and Roman culture and philosophy.

Odhinn and the Runes are aligned with the Norse peoples; the Teutons and the Germanic races. But Odhinn and the Runes go back even farther in time than these tribes, right back to the beginning of the world. Odhinn and the Runes are part of the creation story and the cosmology of the Nine Worlds of the World Tree Yggdrasil. Odhinn is the High One who sits on the High Seat and perceives all realms. He is the All-Father. Humans live in Midgard, right in the center of the Nine Worlds.

The Runes can help us to question our paradigms. Like the fierce Vikings who worshiped Odhinn, who divined with the Runes, worked magic with them, and used them to navigate over the high seas, we can be imbued, too, with Runic Intuition, Strength, Wisdom, Moral Courage (Troth), and Fearlessness to look Death in the face when it comes. The Vikings were Warriors. They were Adventurers and found North America before Christopher Columbus. They were Poets, too. We could benefit from some of their spiritedness and from some of Odhinn's Mead of Inspiration in our lives today.


Like the Vikings, we can consult the Runes to help us navigate our way into a New World of conscious awareness. The Runes are tried, tested, and reliable. They will connect us to a system of Supernatural Power, Belief and Moral Courage that can take us out of the box. We are working with a different energy in the Runes -- Odhinnic -- powerful, personal, and dark.

The Runes have to be learned "hands on." They are easy to learn. They were traditionally "read" and worked by people who were illiterate. Their history, poems, and songs, were an oral tradition for at least 900 years before the Elder Edda recorded and cataloged what fragments remained after "Christianization," around 1100 CE.

If you're ready to start learning to read the Runes with me, all you need to do is process your payment with the secure Paypal button on this page.  As soon as I've received your payment, I will email the Rune Lesson to you. It's a large file.  I felt it was best to keep the information together in one Lesson.


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